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The internet provides a unique opportunity for the tech savvy poker player. He or she can play at multiple tables at one time, save travel and wait time, and can play in virtually any limit he/she wishes. Additionally there are a variety of poker tournaments available online. These online poker sites and a general strategy for being successful in their tournaments are noted below.

Sit and Go Tournaments

Sit and Go tournaments are single table or sometimes 2 or 3 table tournaments that start as soon as the table or tables fill up. These tourneys are called "sit and go" because you can get into them quickly and play them easily. Sometimes sit and go tournaments can be qualifiers for bigger sit and go tournaments or multi table tournament events.

Big Poker Tournaments

No one offers bigger online poker tournaments than PokerStars. Not only does PokerStars host the World Championship of Online Poker, which is the closes thing the Internet has to a World Series of Poker, but they also host the biggest weekly poker tournament in the world every Sunday afternoon.

World Series of Poker Qualifiers

Every year, hundreds of players win their entries to the World Series of Poker by playing qualifiers online, and the online cardroom that sends the most players to the WSOP is PokerStars. They must be doing something right too, because Joe Hachem, Greg Raymer, and Chris Moneymaker all play at PokerStars, and they've all won the big event at the WSOP.

General Strategy for Internet Poker Tournaments

In order to be successful in tournaments you need to have a good plan in place before you even begin. Generally speaking this strategy should be to play very tight at the beginning of the tournament and loosen up and make more moves as the blinds increase.

The reason that you want to play "tight" at the beginning of tournaments is because the blinds are very small in comparison to the amount of chips that you begin with. Thus, there is no danger of you getting knocked out of the tournament due to losing all your chips in the blinds. If you do end up becoming involved and hold a very strong hand your number one thought needs to be, "How can I get all of this player's chips in this hand." If you are successful in doing this you can set yourself up to last much longer in the tournament.

As the tournament progresses the blinds will begin to become quite large in proportion to the amount of chips that you have in your stack. Now is the time that you will have to gamble a little bit more and try to steal blinds and pots. If you don't loosen up and attempt more steals the blinds will continue to chip away at your stack rendering your moves ineffective due to the lack of power (chips) behind then. If your chip stack is not over 10x the big blind you should consider simply pushing all in when you play a hand. By doing so you force your opponents to make the decision if they want to gamble with you and you may be able to steal the blinds thereby increasing your chip count by over 10%. However, if you happen to run into a monster hand (Aces or Kings) you can consider slow playing in an attempt to greatly increase the amount of chips that you have. The overall point being that as the blinds increase you need to make more moves.

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