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Alabama Poker Gambling

Alabama Gambling Laws

Gambling in Alabama is governed by the Alabama Racing Commission, also known as the Birmingham Racing Commission; it is comprised of five official members, two appointed by the Jefferson County Legislative Delegation, one from the Senate, one by the Alabama House and one by the Alabama Lieutenant Governor. Two unofficial members include the Mayor of Birmingham and the President of the Jefferson County Commission. It governs thoroughbred and greyhound betting on Birmingham Race Course.

Casino gambling and cardrooms are not permitted in the State of Alabama. Bingo and pulltabs, however, are allowed, but not common.

In May 2006, attempts to get citizens' opinions on the legalization of gambling in Alabama were halted by the city attorneys. Some citizens had tried to get a non-binding referendum on the ballot, but it didn't come to fruition. It's possible that the situation regarding legal gambling in Alabama might change at some point, but in our opinion, the situation will change more slowly than in some other, more progressive thinking states.

Alabama's Poker History

Alabama is not the first state you would think of when it comes to poker but it has a colorful history producing some notable road gamblers. Probably the most famous is  Henry Green, who is notable for his prowess in many forms of poker, and who was selected for the Poker Hall of Fame in 1986. Green was a road gambler who was well known for being even-tempered and calm.

Alabama Poker Cardrooms

There are currently no legal cardrooms in Alabama, although the state of the underground poker scene is beyond the scope of this article. This page is  a guide to the poker and casino gambling scene in the state of Alabama. Please remember that this site is intended for informational and entertainment value only.

The only "casino" in Alabama is Creek Bingo Palace, which is also known as Creek Entertainment Center. The casino does not offer traditional casino games or poker, not even video poker, but they do have a tremendous amount of seating (530 seats!) available for bingo players, and they also offer pulltab machines. (Pulltab machines are similar to video poker, but without the drawing aspect. They're usually only found in Class III gaming environments.)

Home Poker Games in AL

Home poker games are common in Alabama, just as they're common in other states, but if the house is taking a rake, the operation is still considered illegal. Underground card rooms where players can have their Texas holdem fun are as easy to find as doing a quick Google search, but in our opinion it's probably just as easy, if not easier, to play online. You can play from the comfort of your home at PokerStars, for example, and you don't have to worry about the possibility of being robbed or of being involved in a gambling raid.

We cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, and we don't offer legal advice, even though some of the info on this page touches on the subject.

Our USA poker sections are organized alphabetically, and Alabama is the first in our series of info pages. Alaska poker gambling is the next page in the series.

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