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Alaska Gambling Laws

Gambling in Alaska is governed by the tax department�s gaming unit. The department issues permits for the privilege of conducting bingo, raffles and lotteries, pull-tab games, ice classics, rain classics, mushing sweepstakes, fish derbies and contests of skill within the state. There are no poker cardrooms or casinos within the State of Alaska.

Alaska Casino Gambling

Alaska doesn't post any casinos per se, although they do have numerous gaming rooms where pulltab games and bingo can be played. Pulltab games are similar to video poker games, and are usually found in states that only allow Class III Gaming. A pulltab game has about as much in common with the game of poker as a scratch and win lottery game though. Bingo is probably even more like poker than pulltab games, but that's for you to decide, not us.

Poker Legalization

Perry Green of Anchorage is known as "Alaska's poker guru" and has been (so far unsuccessfully) been lobbying for the legalization of poker card rooms in the state. Until he or someone else is successful, poker in Alaska will be limited to occasional Texas holdem games in the backrooms of bars and home games. It's beyond the scope of our site to list home poker games or underground card games, but the information is easily found online.

Perry Green doesn't just lobby about poker though; he also plays, and he has competed in the World Series of Poker.

We prefer to play Texas hold'em online at Pokerstars anyway.

Perry Green isn't the only poker player in the state either. Tony Green, 34, recently won an entry into the 2007 World Series of Poker by playing in the Milwaukee's Best Light Texas Hold'em Challenge. The event was co-sponsored by the National League of Poker, and Tony Green was the first of seven winners of seats in the 2007 main event.

Alaska�s Poker History

B&M poker is currently illegal in Alaska, though there has been talk of a change in the law over the past couple of years to legalize card rooms. Home games are already hugely popular with people of all ages, unsurprising given the weather.

The Alaska Poker Association

Even though gambling in Alaska is limited to bingo halls and pull tab shops, with no real brick and mortar poker cardrooms, a poker club called the Alaska Poker Association is in operation. They play poker tournaments for prizes, not real money, at various venues throughout the state.

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