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Arkansas Poker

Welcome to our guide to Arkansas poker and Texas holdem games in the state. We've put together this information by hand, and it was accurate when we wrote the page, but things change rapidly in the poker and gambling industries, so we assume no responsibility for any errors.

Arkansas Gambling Laws

Gambling in Arkansas is governed by the Arkansas Racing Commission, itself a branch of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. The commission is composed of five commissioners appointed by the State Governor for five year terms. The purpose of the Commission is to regulate thoroughbred and greyhound racing in the State.

Bricks and mortar poker is currently illegal in Arkansas. Home games are popular here, but at present there does not look like any change forthcoming in the law. There is however an operation known as barpoker, who along with running events in public houses on Florida, Texas and Missouri, also run legal events in several Arkansas city bars. They claim this can be done by not charging a fee to the tournament entrants who are also under no obligation to buy food or drink from the host location.

Arkansas� Poker History

Amarillo Slim

One of the most famous pro poker players is Amarillo Slim Preston, who was born in Johnson, AR. (Many people think of him as a Texas because he lives and is named after the city of Amarillo in the Texas panhandle. He was actually born in Arkansas in 1928 though.

Slim Preston won the World Series of Poker in 1972, and he has played in many events since then. During the 1970's he was the biggest poker celebrity in the world, and was a frequent guest on Johnny Carson. Preston has 4 World Series of Poker bracelets and is a member of the Poker Hall of Fame.

Arkansas Casino Poker Cardrooms

Arkansas has no casinos or legal cardrooms, although home poker games and underground card rooms abound, just as they do in any state. Finding a place to play Texas holdem in Arkansas isn't a difficult undertaking, but you might consider playing online rather than venturing into one of the underground gambling halls. The security of your own home is usually better than that of an illicit place to play.

If you absolutely, positively must play something, and you insist on staying above board, then you could visit Southland Park Gaming and Racing, which is a legal dog track in West Memphis. They offer over 900 slot machine games, which isn't the same as poker, but it's still a step up from bingo or the lotto.

Another option for the action-hungry bettor is Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs. The only wagering available there is the ponies though; they do not offer slot machine games or any other type of betting.

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