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Georgia Poker Gambling

Georgia Poker

Georgia, as you might expect being at the heart of the Southern Bible belt, has one of the most draconian sets of gambling laws.

Georgia Gambling Laws

Gambling in the state of Georgia is regulated by The Georgia Bureau of Investigation. As a result, there are only 3 forms of legal 'gambling' in Georgia and they are bingo, the Georgia Lottery and raffles. Of course, all forms where absolutely no intelligence is required, and where the player virtually never has an edge. Bingo is meant to be restricted to non profit organizations, and as such there are several restrictions put in place for all licensees, including a restriction on prize money and thus restricting profits. Many bingo parlors have still been shut down by the bureau for various breaches of their license.

Notable Georgia Poker Players

Despite conditions unfavorable to producing notable poker players, Georgia has a surprising number of good players.

Josh Arieh

Arieh, though born in 1974 in New York, moved to Atlanta, Georgia in his childhood years in 1984. Arieh epitomizes the best of the modern aggressive style. This aggression, combined with an intelligent mind, which knows when to turn the aggression switch on or off is what makes him so formidable. With over $4.2 million dollars in career winnings and rising, Arieh is recognized as one of the best players in the world.

David Bach

As a young man Bach scored his first cash at a major poker event in the 1997 WSOP $1500 7-card stud event. It might have been expected that he would have gone on to make an impact from here. Disappointingly for Bach, this wasn't the case, but the past couple of years this psychology graduate's poker game appears to have gone up that extra notch required. No doubt, the thousands of hours he has put into online tournaments, in sites like Pokerstars, have fine tuned his poker skills.

Now he is clearly a force in any tournament he enters. 2005 was a good year for Bach, scoring 5th in the $1500 WSOP Pot Limit Hold Em event for $88,680. 2006 was even better, with an excellent 3rd place in the $1,455 Limit Hold Em event at the 2006 L.A. Poker Classic, Los Angeles winning him $217,720. Bach has clearly arrived. Already a respected player in Georgia, if Bach can continue his recent form he could be getting a lot better known everywhere in the poker world.

Abraham Gray

Gray has been quietly making regular cashes over the past few years. His winnings over the past few years are closing in on the $1/2 Million mark. He has yet to win a tournament but it looks like just a matter of time.

John Roveto

Roveto has winnings of over $200,000 since his first big tournament cash in 2004. His best result was 3rd place in the $1,500 No Limit Hold Em event in the Fourth Annual Five-Star World Poker Classic, Las Vegas.

Angel Word

Word has been hitting some noticeable results over the past couple of years. Her first major tournament cash came when she actually won the $200 No Limit Hold Em Ladies Event at The Sixth Annual Jack Binion World Poker Open, Tunica netting her $25,261. An over 125 fold increase in her initial outlay. Scoring a few minor intermediary cashes since her win in the Binion World Poker Open, in September 2006 she won the $500 No Limit Hold Em 2006 WSOP Circuit, Grand Casino Tunica, Tunica for $75,944, firmly announcing she was no one hit wonder. Watch out for more surprises from this Southern belle.

Georgia Casino Poker Cardrooms

Although there are no legal poker cardr ooms in Georgia, there are of course plenty of home games. There are also free, and thus as far as we are aware, legal poker tournaments organized by the Atlanta Poker Club. They run these events in various bars and restaurants in Atlanta, and provide an easy going and fun way to learn the game.

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