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If the state of Virginia ever legalizes casino gambling or poker, then this page will be a directory of places to play, but we're not in the business of listing underground cardrooms, so we'll just discuss the gambling situation as it currently stands in the state of Virginia on this page.

The gambling situation in Virginia is pretty bleak actually. The only bettting establishment in the entire state that's operating with the complete approval of the government is a horse track, Colonial Downs. The racing facility is located in New Kent, VA, and only offers horse-betting. It's not one of those new-fashioned "racinos" which also offer slot machine games and video poker.

Virginia Poker Petition

There is a petition to legalize cardroom poker in the state of Virginia online, and it's easy to find using any major search engine. At the time of this writing the petition only has 117 signatures, but it's possible that the movement will catch on and poker gambling will become a completely legal activity in the state. Until then, Virginia does have home games and underground poker activity that is also easily found via a web search.

Virginia Poker Players

Binh Do

Poker player Binh Do is from Vancouver, VA, and has lifetime tournament winnings of over $100,000. He placed first in the Sport of Kings No Limit holdem event in 2005, and also placed first in the LA Poker Classic holdem event the same year.

John Myung

The winner of the Five-Diamond World Poker Classic II in 2004 (a World Poker Tour event), John Myung is one of the bigger poker winners in the state. In 2005, Myung also placed 3rd in the World Series of Poker limit Texas holdem event.

The Virginia Lottery

Gamblers in Virginia who are desperate for action might find some solace in the Virginia lottery, although the odds are terrible. (We don't like to recommend playing the lottery to anyone, but in Virginia the options are really slim.) The only comfort in playing a lottery game in VA is that the money lost goes to support the public school system.

Still, if you're looking for a fair game, or you want to put the odds in your favor, you might give online Texas holdem at an Internet cardroom like Pokerstars a try.

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