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Sam's Corner is a humorous outlook on poker from the perspective of a bad player. Any references to your personal own bad play are strictly coincidental. If you came here looking for poker jokes or poker humor, then you're in for a treat.

Welcome to Sam's Corner

As the name implies this is my corner. The corner least likely to be seen let alone clicked on and researched by potential readers. Studies indicate the eye scans in a circular motion so my corner is going to be the most likely glanced over or ignored, but obviously if you�ve read this much you are either a close friend I made click here or one of the few �special� ones.

What I mean by �special� is you are the odds-ignoring, high-low suited playing gambler that sucks out and destroys the so called good players. When you sit down the table sighs in frustration. You stay in small pots as well as big pots to catch runner runner flushes or gut shot straights. You are the person that everyone complains about, but hey when they are bitching that usually means you have a ridiculous amount of their chips in front of you. You stay in with bottom pair so you can catch two pair on the river and then you bet out instead of check raise or calling. You are the reason people avoid playing low limits. In essence you are my comrade in arms.

5.19.05 Post
My reasons and my dreams�

This journal�s goal is to show how bad play can get you as far as you�re willing to gamble and put it all on the line. I�m down to the game enough to stop playing and reassess my skills but I love poker and I have a dream of credit card swiping Shana Hiatt when I make a WPT final table through qualifying because I�ll never have the money to do a large cash straight buy-in.

Let�s face it many of us barely make it by and are most likely down to the game. Yet we still play and we are the extreme long shot of them of all. That�s how we like it.

If I don�t make it I want one of you to make it, by playing our way, the Neo-Bad way. Where we call large bets with horrible hands and drive the so called good players to over-think and muck sure winners. We show weakness because we have nothing but believe everyone is bluffing us so we stay all the way to the river checking and/or calling then we go all in over the top or first to act it doesn�t matter because we caught bottom pair. The so called good player is freaking out. Did he catch two pair or his set? Did he have me all the way or sucked out? Think of players like Toto and Negreanu. Brilliant at doing weird things that pays them off when they do have the big hand. That is how we are going to win it all. By collecting pots that we have no business in till we get that aces versus kings and double up big. Our bad play sets us up to win.

My favorite Neo-Bad hand I love to play is King or Ace junk suited because most people don�t want to get involved with a hand like that. I�m sure if you read the other guy�s stuff on this site (technically my boss) he�ll have an article why you shouldn�t play it. I want to play it so I can flop top pair with a flush draw to it.

Hell, I don�t mind middle or bottom pair trying to catch a back door flush to victory. If in a limit game I might call a bet maybe two cold if they are tons of callers to turn a flush draw. Why not? Pot odds would be the answer but my answer is screw it; go on that gut feeling or just gamble! That is why we are at the table isn�t it? The bad beats that hit are usually won because the person stayed in with a hand he should have mucked a long time ago. I applaud my comrades who play suited anything!

My favorite quote from a Neo-Bad player was, �Any two cards are good before the flop and even better if they are suited!�

When I win with a high-low suited hand or get busted because of it I�ll still be at that final table close to my ultimate goal for now.

Shana, I�m coming for you!!!

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